veronica house – south london

The refurbishment and extension of a Victorian terraced house.

The formerly dark rear ground floor area, which was divided in small rooms, was turned into a light, multifunctional open plan space for the use of a family of 6.

A meandering façade of metal-framed glazing defines the different areas of the open plan ground floor space, and pulls the terrace into the house. Bespoke handmade concrete slabs (1200x1200mm) form the floor of both the interior space and the exterior terrace, reinforcing the connection between the two. The different roof shapes with large roof lights emphasise the different uses of the spaces underneath while the zinc cladding binds them together.

Slatted oak cladding follows the full width of the internal backwall, which provides access to utility and storage spaces, and folds into the hallway of the existing house to establish a connection between old and new.

The upper floors were refurbished and received new bathrooms and ensuites. The loft was opened up and converted to provide children’s bedrooms.

With a minimal, contemporary pallet of materials, the new parts of the house form a contrast but at the same time connect effortlessly with the Victorian detailing and finishes.